5 surprising facts from Gavin Andresen’s affidavit

Gavin Andresen’s recent statement in the case of Kleiman v. Wright sheds new light on the personalities of Craig Wright, Satoshi Nakamoto and, above all, Andresen himself.

Craig Wright called himself a fraud
In an e-mail to Andresen, Wright apparently admitted to being a con man:

„I’m a fraud, but I’m a fraud who’s free to work on what I need to do.“

Gavin Andresen now doubts Craig Wright’s claim that he is Satoshi
Perhaps this admission (now in the public domain) will make lawsuits more difficult for Wright.

Andresen may have had an early lead on BSV

In a 2016 email to Andresen, Wright claims to have access to some systems, which were supposedly much more powerful than Bitcoin (BTC). According to Wright:

„I have access to systems that transfer more value and transactions per day than the existing BTC network does in a year.“

The United Kingdom Court rejects Craig Wright’s appeal against Roger Ver
Wright may have already been contemplating Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (BSV), but Andresen didn’t seem to have the answer either.

Andresen says his coding skills are on par with Nakamoto
By analyzing Satoshi’s programming capabilities, Andresen placed the creator of Bitcoin in the top 10 percent of programmers he has worked with. Andresen also says he belongs there.

„Of all the programmers I’ve interacted with, he’s definitely in the top 10 percent. I’ve met better programmers. I’ve met a lot worse programmers.“

Bitcoin Cash and BSV hash rates increase after BTC halving

Showing clearly that he does not lack confidence, Andresen stated that he is roughly the same as Satoshi when it comes to coding:

„It depends on what we program, but yes, more or less the same.“

Andresen was considered the best possible replacement for Satoshi Nakamoto
In an interview with Cointelegraph, early Bitcoin developer Laszlo Hanyecz said that Satoshi wanted to give him Bitcoin, but that he wasn’t interested in working on the project full time.

When Andresen was asked during his statement if he was the best possible replacement for Nakamoto, Andresen stated:

„I’m sure he was.“