How US authorities forgot to seize $ 400,000 in fake Bitcoin linked to Silk Road

Shitforks hang out in the wild – Despite its closure by the authorities in 2013, the Silk Road black market is still talking about it. It turned out today that, on the wallets seized since, many coins from Bitcoin forks (BTC) have not (yet?) Been recovered by the police.

Over $ 1 billion worth of BTC straight from 2013

The taking of Silk Road offline and the arrest of its founder, Ross Ulbricht , in 2013 were also an opportunity to freeze Bitcoin wallets belonging to this darknet black market.

These addresses thus remained frozen long before the king of cryptos knew any direct fork – Litecoin and Dogecoin, which date from this time, are indeed separate blockchains , not forks of BTC.

The blockchain transaction analysis company Coinfirm thus noticed that some of the (too) many Bitcoin forks had not been recovered by the American authorities.

The latter announced that they had seized 69,370 bitcoins , or approximately $ 1.3 billion , from an anonymous person who allegedly hacked wallets from the famous black market.

Even though the authorities have obviously thought about recovering the most famous forks , like Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and even BSV , others have been left out.

400,000 dollars in forgotten shitforks

According to Coinfirm, the hacker – who would not have been worried in exchange for his collaboration – would have, on his address, still at least $ 400,000 in cryptocurrency from forks. It would be:

693,701 Bitcoin Diamond (BCD), valued at $ 310,000;
69,370 Super Bitcoin (SBT), valued at approximately $ 66,000;
69,370 Bitcoin Private (BTCP), or nearly $ 11,000.
Thus, anyone who has access to the private keys of the hacker’s wallet can still have these untapped funds.

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